Viking River Cruises is the largest river cruise line on the planet, with 19 ships that travel major rivers in places as diverse as Europe, Russia, China, Egypt and Ukraine. Founded back in the year 1997 by a Dutch and Swiss consortium of investors, the line has gained a wonderful reputation for giving travelers a unique way to see many fabulous parts of the world. Traveling along a river is an entirely different experience than traveling on the open seas, and the ships of the Viking River Cruises fleet are all designed to enhance and play up that experience. With fantastic shore excursions and a vastly knowledgeable staff, Viking River Cruises is a truly world class cruise line.

What’s New

The itineraries that are offered by Viking River Cruises are always being tweaked and rotated in order to offer something different for loyal customers. Not only is this great for those who regularly travel on Viking River Cruises ships, but it also means that if you don’t see an itinerary that piques your interest you won’t have to wait very long for other options. Recently, the cruise line’s fleet was reduced by a total of two ships; for years, Viking River Cruises consisted of 21 ships. With the departure of the Viking Burgundy and the Viking Seine, though, the cruise line has a slightly reduced number of ships. However, this is not expected to have a major impact on the line’s ability to offer one-of-a-kind service and amenities to its passengers.

Known For

In addition to being the largest river cruise line in the world, Viking River Cruises distinguishes itself in a number of other exciting ways. People who have never experienced a genuine river cruise should consider Viking River Cruises for the following key reasons:

Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are one of the things that Viking River Cruises is best known for. Indeed, wherever its ships travel, they make several stops at many wonderful locales where passengers can enjoy guided shore excursions in order to learn more about the culture and history of the area. In this way, passengers can enjoy the benefits of a cruise ship while getting to see an abundance of excellent sights. Viking River Cruises makes sightseeing easy, fun, luxurious and convenient.

Unique Ship Layouts

The ships of the Viking River Cruises fleet are all designed to take the utmost advantage of the exciting perspective of river travel. Windows all over these ships offer panoramic views, for example; sundecks are in abundance on most Viking River Cruises ships as well. Lovely promenades offer passengers places where they can get some fresh air while taking in fabulous views.

Sightseeing At Its Best

In addition to a preponderance of shore excursions, Viking River Cruises takes those excursions one step farther by including features like English speaking tour guides and motorcoach tours as well. In any given city, passengers have the chance to stop and check out major landmarks and other sights. It’s a carefree way to see several famous places on the map.

Top Itineraries

Romantic Danube

The Danube river is one of the most famous in the world. On this Viking River Cruises itinerary, passengers enjoy stops at Budapest, Vienna and Nuremburg.

Waterways Of The Czars

Viking River Cruises’ Russian itineraries are one of a kind. Hit sites like Moscow and St. Petersburg – as well as many in between – by booking this popular itinerary.

Imperial Jewels of China

Beijing, Chongqing, the Three Gorges and Shanghai are just a few of the great places that await you when you travel on one of Viking River Cruises’ most popular and well known China itineraries.

The Fleet

Viking Danube

The all inclusive nature of traveling on the Viking Danube is one of the many great things that its passengers get to enjoy. Open seating lunch and dinner options make this a flexible and laid back ship to travel on. A sun deck on the top of the ship offers great views and is a wonderful place to kick back, relax and watch the scenery go by.

Viking Legend

At 443 feet long, the Viking Legend is the longest one in the Viking River Cruises fleet. Beyond its sheer size, it is also one of the grandest and most well appointed river ships that can be booked today. Flat screen TVs and refrigerators help make the suites, staterooms and cabins on the ship quite cozy indeed. With three full decks, the Viking Legend is a truly exemplary ship and a real treat to cruise on.

Viking Surkov

Cruising along some of Russia’s most famous waterways, the Viking Surkov whisks passengers from major Russian landmark to major Russian landmark in class, elegance and comfort. A sun deck, library, promenade, two restaurants and two bars all add up to an exceptional river cruise experience.

Viking Lavrinenkov

With a spa and massage facility, the Viking Lavrinenkov really kicks things up a notch when it comes to offering superior amenities and services – especially considering that it is a river cruise ship. Every cabin offers views, so no one has to miss out when they are on board this phenomenal ship. People who want to enjoy the luxuries of traveling on board a cruise ship along with the delightful opportunity to see famous places up close will be beyond thrilled with the features and characteristics of the Viking Lavrinenkov.