The romance and speed of clipper ships always appealed to Mikael Krafft, the Swedish entrepreneur behind the Star Clippers cruise line. If the concept of exploring the open seas and stopping in at exotic locales appeals to you – but the somewhat rigid formalities of many major cruise lines do not – then Star Clippers might be right for you. Indeed, this small company has created a niche of its very own with its fleet of some of the most powerful and elegant clipper ships on the seas today. Beyond all of that, a voyage on a Star Clippers ship is a would-be sea captain’s dream come true, as the intricacies and routines of sailing such a craft are often explained and demonstrated to eager passengers. Without a doubt, Star Clippers offers up one of the most unique, unforgettable sailing experiences in the world today.

What’s New

The most exciting news in the world of Star Clippers these days is an upcoming new build that is slated to debut in 2011. For this relatively small cruise line, a new ship is nothing to sneeze at, and fans of Star Clippers are eagerly awaiting its unveiling. The new ship will be modeled after a famous sailing ship, the France II, and will boast five masts and will be able to carry a maximum of 296 passengers. With its new addition, Star Clippers will be able to expand its services and the number of itineraries that it is able to offer – which is sure to win a lot of approval from its already considerable group of fans and frequent sailors.

Known For

As unique as Star Clippers is, there are many characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd in a positive and exciting way. Although Star Clippers cruises are not for everyone – those who want the full-fledged, no-holds-barred type of cruise should look elsewhere – they definitely hold a lot of appeal to a broad swath of the cruising population. Consider these key perks:

Sail Uncharted Waters

Naturally, every Star Clippers cruise is mapped out and includes a specific and set itinerary regarding when and where any given ship will be traveling. That being said, though, these ships are also known to follow the whims of the wind to a certain degree, which adds to their charm and to the overriding sense of adventure. The captains of Star Clippers’ ships can use their discretion to steer their vessels on the course that they deem most viable – and this often means that passengers are treated to exceptional views and sights.

Off The Beaten Path

While many Star Clippers’ itineraries include stops at popular and well-known ports of call, they also visit less frequented locales as well. Indeed, the company makes a sincere effort to ferry passengers to places that aren’t all completely devoted to tourists and travel groups. In this way, a Star Clippers cruise can open up entirely new vistas for those who are on them – and can help people see parts of the world that few others have the opportunity to.

A Unique Point Of View

When traveling on larger cruise lines, the vast majority of the navigation and the general logistics of getting the ship from port to port are conducted behind the scenes. On a Star Clippers voyage, though, passengers are given the opportunity to learn a little bit about how these ships operate – and what it means to be a true seafarer. Many times, lessons are given on basic navigational concepts and on how to perform basic duties. For people who want to have a better grasp about what goes into sailing the high seas, a Star Clippers cruise can be a genuine delight.

Top Itineraries

The Caribbean

From Antigua to Grenada, a Star Clippers Caribbean itinerary is sure to please even the most discerning cruise ship passengers. In addition to major ports of call, many Star Clippers ships make stops at more remote destinations.

Costa Rica

Discovering the natural splendor of Costa Rica is fun and easy aboard a Star Clippers ship. Major and lesser known national parks are just a few examples of the neat places that a Costa Rican itinerary will include.

Far East

Singapore, Myanmar and Phuket are just a few examples of the exotic locales that a Star Clippers Far East itinerary will bring you to. Seeing these ships from a clipper ship will truly make for unforgettable and lasting memories.

The Fleet

Royal Clipper

Sailing on board the largest square-masted clipper ship in the world is a true delight. From its handsome dining room to its ultra popular Tropical Bar, the Royal Clipper immerses its passengers in a fairy tale experience. A wide variety of different cabins allows passengers of all budgets and tastes to find something perfect.

Star Clipper

If you’ve ever had a hankering to steer a clipper ship while at sea, then you’ve got to book a cruise on the Star Clipper. This ship offers a true hands-on experience – passengers can even climb up onto the rigging if the mood strikes. Topnotch dive operations round out the great benefits of traveling on this world class ship.

Star Flyer

As the tallest “tall ship” in the world, the Star Flyer stands out in a number of exciting ways. Its itinerary keeps it in French Polynesia year round, and a delightful roster of water sports activities keeps the more adventurous passengers busy day in and day out.