From the moment it unveiled its first ship, the Silver Cloud, back in April of 1994, Silversea Cruises aimed to stand apart from the crowd. Owned by the Lefebrve family of Rome, Italy, Silversea Cruises put a high priority on exceptional luxury right from the get-go. In addition to its “only the best” ideals, Silversea Cruises has made a name for itself with its all inclusive cruises and its superior level of service. When it broke into the expedition cruise market in 2008, Silversea broke the mold by combining the expedition experience with all inclusive perks and unparalleled accommodations. Adventure, class and quality all converge to make Silversea Cruises one of the most compelling cruise lines on the planet.

What’s New

Several exciting developments are happening at Silversea Cruises these days. Its brand new ship, the Silver Spirit, will continue Silversea’s proud traditions in every way, shape and form. Furthermore, Silversea has unveiled personalized butler services on two of its ships, and plans to expand that service to its entire fleet in very short order. On top of all of that, Silversea Cruises began its “Personalized Voyages” program very recently. Under the terms of this unique program, passengers can choose their own embarkation and disembarkation points for truly customized voyage experiences. All told, Silversea is constantly bursting at its seams with exciting new programs, services and features to keep its passenger satiated and thrilled.

Known For

Silversea Cruises is the cruise line of choice for highly discerning passengers who want an ample dose of luxury and personalized services. In addition, there are several key characteristics that help Silversea Cruises stand apart from an already impressive crowd. They include:

All Inclusive

While many people might look at the sticker price of any given Silversea cruise itinerary and gasp, the fact of the matter is that these cruises take the concept of “all inclusive” to a whole new level. Port charges and gratuities are just a part of what is included in the overall price of a voyage with Silversea. Additionally, all alcoholic beverages are also included – something that is practically unheard of on other cruise lines.

The Silversea Experience

Silversea takes its customized approach beyond the boundaries of its ships by offering passengers unique opportunities on many of its itineraries. Things like private beach parties are commonly included on a Silversea cruise, and they are always complimentary as well.

Specialized Services

The staff that is on board any given Silversea ship is highly trained in all of the best customer service techniques. In addition to that, there are many staff members on hand who offer specialized services to passengers. For instance, golf pros and bridge instructors can be found on many of Silversea’s ships, offering passengers the opportunity to hone their game playing skills. Also, lecturers regale passengers with fascinating tidbits about the areas they will be visiting, helping them gain a bit more appreciation for a region’s culture and history.

Top Itineraries

The Baltic

Experience and learn more about the northern climes of the Baltic by booking room on a Silversea Baltic itinerary. Popular ports of call along the way include Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Western Europe

Silversea stands apart from the crowd by making stops at some truly remarkable ports of call in Western Europe. Popular examples include Cadiz, Malaga and the Canary Islands.

The Middle East

With one of the most extensive roster of Middle East itineraries, Silver Sea gives its passengers unparalleled opportunities to see the world. Ports of call in the Middle East often include Dubai, Muscat and Abu Dhabi.

The Fleet

Prince Albert II

The Prince Albert II is not only Silversea’s first ship to not include the word “Silver” in its name, but it’s also its smallest ship and its first expedition ship to boot. A single-seating dining room is just one of the many perks that passengers can enjoy on this ship. Many staterooms include private verandahs, which adds to the glamor of sailing on board this unique ship.

Silver Cloud

Most of the large suites on the Silver Cloud include balconies, amping up the space and luxury of this already luxurious line. This small ship is perfect for couples who want to get away from it all while still enjoying intimate surroundings. Well-appointed lounges offer delightful panoramic views that can be enjoyed while sitting back and relaxing.

Silver Shadow

As one of the roomiest ships on the high seas today, the Silver Shadow gives passengers the ability to stretch out and relax a little bit. One crew member to every 1.3 passengers also means that service is plentiful and impeccable. The Silver Shadow is designed to blow away the expectations of even the wealthiest, most discerning passengers – and it succeeds. With some of the finest gourmet food of any cruise ship in the world, the Silver Shadow thrills on all counts.

Silver Wind

On the Silver Wind, sunbathing and kicking back are the order of the day – not to mention eating. With some of the finest fare in the cruise industry today, the Silver Wind is the perfect ship for people who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in every sense of the word. The pool area and the bar on this ship are also glamorous and well appointed – and also happen to be the two most popular places on the Silver Wind.