Since being founded in 1991, Quark Expeditions has earned a great reputation for offering the most innovative and exciting polar expedition cruises in the world. Specializing in cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica, Quark Expeditions signifies discovery, exploration and thrills to those who are at all familiar with the company. Not only does this operator pride itself on taking passengers to remote and impossibly gorgeous parts of the planet, but for being a bona fide trailblazer in the world of polar cruise expeditions. With Quark Expeditions, passengers aren’t going to be sitting back sipping on pina coladas – instead, they will be experiencing the power and majesty of nature firsthand and creating memories that few others in the world will ever get to themselves.

What’s New

Recent news that one of the ships in the Quark Expeditions fleet was stuck in impassable ice proved yet again that although cruising on an expedition can be a great adventure, that adventure travelers must be prepared to embrace the unexpected.. Such instances only serve to bolster the reputation of Quark Expeditions as a line that brings excitement and adventure into the lives of excitement seeking travelers who book with them. As they have always done, Quark Expeditions made sure that every passenger on board the Kapitan Khlebnikov was taken care of. It is safe to say that those passengers returned home with some truly thrilling stories of unexpected encounters and exploration, as happens on virtually any Quark Expeditions voyage.

Known For

Although Quark Expeditions may not be as familiar as the traditional vacation cruise lines, it has a respected reputation in the world of polar expedition cruising. When the name Quark comes up in conversation, many things pop into mind including:


The icebreakers in the Quark Expeditions fleet are comfortable, but they are better known for their unsurpassed ability to forge through thick, seemingly impassable ice in polar oceans. The icebreakers of the Quark Expeditions fleet are true engineering marvels; being able to travel on such a vessel is something that few people get to experience, so the simple act of boarding a Quark icebreaker is a rare thrill.

Experienced Staff

Every expedition cruise line prides itself on having an exceptional expedition staff; usually, that team is adept in handling customer care. Quark Expeditions’ staff, however, not only provides superior customer service – it is also made up of some of the most highly educated, and highly experienced – people in the world of science and exploration. Passengers have the opportunity to learn an enormous amount, thanks to the highly trained expedition staff.


Quark Expeditions is a true trailblazer; they hold title to the first circumnavigation of Antarctica by a passenger vessel, and the first Northeast Passage voyage. They company has sailed to the North Pole since 1991.That reputation alone is enough to convince people looking for adventure and thrills to book a cruise with Quark Expeditions.

Top Itineraries


Quark offers several itineraries into the Arctic, but it’s most famous and innovative is its North Pole itinerary. Passengers not only get to experience life on board a nuclear-powered icebreaker, including aerial sightseeing by helicopter, but they get to visit the geographic North Pole, at 90°N. By enjoying this itinerary, people can say they are literally standing on top of the world!


Quark Expeditions is famous for its itineraries to Antarctica, including the Falklands and South Shetland Islands. Booking an Antarctic itinerary with Quark means getting to see a part of the planet that few people ever do. Due to the sheer size and scope of this continent, Quark routinely enters territories and waterways that no other ship has ever entered before. One of Quark’s most popular Antarctic itineraries, Epic Antarctica semi-circumnavigation, sails alongthe Phantom Coast to the Ross Sea.

The Fleet

50 Years of Victory

As Quark Expeditions’ largest and most powerful icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory is nuclear powered and generally boasts more crew members than passengers. Indeed, 50 Years of Victory is a roomy and powerful way to see some of more remote part of the world. The main restaurant serves up excellent food, and regular presentations keep those on board educated and entertained.

Akademik Ioffe

Quark’s Akademik Ioffe is unique in that it was originally built as a research ship, and was designed to be able to access some of the most treacherous terrain on the planet. At the same time, though, this hardy ship offers up a surprising level of comfort for those who get to cruise on her. Although the cabins on board the Akademik Ioffe are small, they are comfortable and all boast outside views.

Clipper Adventurer

Like many cruise lines, Quark Expeditions does offer budget excursions, and Clipper Adventurer is often used in those cases. This ship isn’t fitted out with as many high tech gadgets as some of the other ships in the Quark Expeditions’ fleet, but it more than makes up for that by offering surprisingly roomy cabins and a decent fleet of landing craft for shore excursions.

Akademik Sergey Vavilov

Ample deck space is one of the biggest perks of Quark Expeditions’ Akademik Sergey Vavilov. This rugged ship affords passengers the ability to not only travel into some incredibly far flung parts of the Arctic and Antarctic, but it also allows them to take it all in with ease.