Lindblad Expeditions – which is named for one of the pioneers of the expedition cruise industry, Lars-Eric Lindblad – has always directed its focus at exploring unique areas of the world. This company – which can’t really be classified as a cruise line in the traditional sense of the word – continues to uphold Lars-Eric’s original passion for exploration and education about the world around us. In 2004, Lindblad Expeditions further strengthened its reputation by forming an alliance with National Geographic. Through this alliance, Lindblad Expedition passengers can now rub shoulders with top scientists, photographers and others who work with and for National Geographic.

What’s New

Keeping things fresh and new is a cornerstone of the Lindblad Expeditions philosophy. Every trip is touted as containing something a little different, whether it’s exploring a previously undiscovered cove or ducking over to a part of the region that no other expeditionary ship has visited before. Recently, Lindblad began offering expeditions that are focused around photography; National Geographic photographers on board these ships share their knowledge with passengers, and passengers get to watch these professionals in action firsthand. More recently, Lindblad began offering short jaunts over to the Caribbean and Baja California. These trips are four nights long and quite affordable, too. In all, Lindblad Expeditions can be counted on to provide a unique, one of a kind experience for every one of its passengers.

Known For

Lindblad is synonymous with adventure voyages and expedition travel. When you go on a Lindblad expedition, you will be sure to enjoy the following:

Vastly Knowledgeable Staff

The staff that is on board Lindblad Expeditions ships are true professionals. They generally include scientists, naturalists, historians and others in the top of their field. Guests on board Lindblad ships can learn a number of fascinating things, thanks to the experience and knowledge of the staff and crew.

Small Groups

Lindblad ensures that the passengers on its ships are well taken care of – and that everyone has a chance to see and hear what is going on – by keeping their its passenger capacity low. Indeed, the average capacity for any one of Lindblad’s ships tends to fall between 41 and 148 people.


As a part of its dedication to protecting the planet, Lindblad boasts several eco-friendly amenities on board its ships. Throughout its ships, passengers will find places to recycle paper, plastic glass and even batteries. A huge part of the education that passengers on these ships receive revolves around ways to protect the Earth from harm.

Organic Menus

Another way that Lindblad promotes the health of the planet is through the food that it serves on its ships. Menus focus on organic and natural foods, providing passengers with healthy and delicious meals. Local ingredients are also a huge part of the cuisine on board any Lindblad ship.

Top Itineraries

The Galapagos Islands

With its adherence to the principles of preserving nature, it makes sense that Lindblad offers a Galapagos Islands itinerary. This region is the perfect place to learn more about the diversity of nature.


Antarctica is a wonderful place to learn more about how the world works – and just how fragile its ecosystem is. Lindblad regularly offers an Antarctica itinerary, allowing passengers to gain a better understanding and appreciation of this amazing portion of the planet.

The Arctic

View polar bears in their natural environment and watch experienced crew members go ice-diving on a Arctic itinerary from Lindblad. This trip has to be the best way to get acquainted with the northernmost region in the world.

The Fleet

National Geographic Endeavour

With top photographers from National Geographic on board every trip, guests on Lindblad’s National Geographic Endeavour can rest assured that they will learn a thing or two about nature photography. Although you won’t enjoy typical cruise ship amenities like room service or in-cabin television sets, you will absolutely get to experience some of the most remote and amazing places on Earth with a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable crew members. High tech gadgetry is also huge on board the Endeavour; a remote operated vehicle and hydrophones that let you hear underwater are both included on board the ship. Watch professional explorers in action by setting sail on the Endeavour.

National Geographic Explorer

While Lindblad’s National Geographic Explorer boasts many amenities that are similar to those of the Endeavour, it trumps it in the respect that it has a genuine, on board wellness spa for passengers to enjoy. In other words, the Explorer adds a few more amenities to make it more of a cruise/expedition hybrid than many other ships in the Lindblad fleet. The line’s first-ever balcony cabins also help this ship stand out in a big way.

Sea Lion

Passengers who travel on Lindblad Expeditions’ Sea Lion can rest assured that everything they could possibly need to explore the world around them is available on board. Wet suits, snorkels and other key ocean-going equipment are all kept handily on deck. A submerged bow-cam allows guests to keep an eye on the sea life around them as they sail from place to place. Although rooms don’t have TV sets, guests can get online via satellite Internet. On the Sea Lion, adventure is definitely the name of the game.