Adventurous living happens beyond the west coast and outside the surf aficionados. It's a mindset and if you set out to find it, you can uncover some truly awesome hidden gems across even your own continent. But we wouldn't leave you high and dry to do all that research yourself. From kayaking in the Windy City to skateparks in Portland, we've uncovered something for every outdoor or urban enthusiast right in your own backyard. Don't believe us?

Check out a few of our favorite adventure spots across the country:

Photo Credit: Dave Wilson

Secret Swimming Holes in Texas

The very definition of off the beaten path, this dive spot 21-miles west of Austin is surrounded by limestone cliffs and crystal clear water that's so secret it doesn't even have a name. You can go in search of it north of Dripping Springs by asking the locals. And don't worry, the town name is a misnomer, the springs clearly maintain a steady trickle so you will have plenty of wet and wild fun.

Photo Credit: Peter Anderson

Alpine Roller Coaster in Colorado

Why waste a good ski run when there's no snow? That was Breckinridge's thinking when they installed a 2,500 foot coaster track for you to weave and dart through the trees and picturesque Rockies. Control your own speed in a two-seater car; just make sure your passenger doesn't get queasy if you want to really get the adrenaline pumping. The ride is open winter or summer, so you can still get your ski on.

Photo Credit: Mark Steele

Swim with Whale Sharks in La Paz, Mexico

From early winter until late spring, the Bay of La Paz is full of gentle, 70,000 pound beasts returning to feed in their natural habitat. Grab your snorkel and admire the largest fish in the ocean who are actually quite docile and dare we say, friendly. Just remember to give them ample space and try not to touch. They're more scared of you than you are of them, and you don't want to ignite their sense of fear... trust us.

Photo Credit: Nicolás Boullosa

Sleep in a Treehouse in Oregon

Out ‘n About Treesort looks and feels like something straight out of Neverland, but is actually a four-star hotel connected by wooden bridges. The 36-private acre resort is close to the Siskiyou National Forest and even includes several ziplining courses, making it perfect for thrill seekers. To add to the fun and to the summer camp vibe, none of the treehouses have locks on their doors!

Face off with the Devil in Florida

No matter the day or the season, scuba divers are guaranteed comfortable 72-degree water temperatures and plenty of adventure at Devil’s Den Springs Scuba Diving Resort. Located in central Florida, these natural springs are nestled within one of the oldest caves in the world. Apart from fish, divers can also explore 33 million year old fossils — talk about a blast from the past!

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

Experience Natural Phenomenon in New Brunswick

When they say the tides are turning, they literally are in the Bay of Fundy. Completely bizarre, it's the only place in the world where the tides reach up to four stories every single day. With six hours between high and low tide, visitors can literally walk on the ocean floor in the morning, then spend sunset kayaking around the islands the tides create in the evening.