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Most everyone has heard of the Great Blue Hole in Belize, which is so big you can see it from space. What you may not know, is that several other blue holes exist around the world. Merely the name for a large marine cavern or sinkhole, blue holes have captivated travelers for years with their unique biological composition and inviting turquoise waters.

One of our favorites? Jamaica. The water is just begging you to jump —and luckily, you can Tarzan swing right on in! A magical place surrounded by tropical wildflowers, rolling hills and verdant greenery, Jamaica's blue hole is just a 25 minute drive outside Ocho Rios. If you're in the area, stop on by for a swim.

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Your Waterfall Fix Sans Crowds

This unique attraction is actually one of two destinations in Jamaica called "the Blue Hole," so make sure you put the right one in the GPS. While there are a couple other waterfall excursions around, the blue hole maintains it's natural sense of beauty and seclusion. It's so low key that you are not actually required to hire a tour guide to hike, but we do encourage it anyway. Locals are always full of insight about the area and can ensure a safe and positive experience, especially to deter you from slippery rocks and unsafe jumping points.

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Splash Down

Nature has instinctively divided the Blue Hole into sections. The first is a swimming hole. If you can't wait to jump into the blue waters, go ahead, or use the Tarzan swing to maximize your splash. Once you're worn out from exploring the hidden caves, there's a seven-minute walk to the waterfalls, which you can also swim in. Otherwise, the 20-foot tall bohemoth still makes a picture perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed.