#iexplorechat is a monthly Twitter chat moderated by iExplore and Travel Mindset focused on an adventure and experiential travel topic. The goal of our monthly chat is to initiate travel conversations with travelers, social media influencers and travel brands in order to learn, share and inspire travel.

Get started by following @iExplore and @TravelMindset on Twitter. Then join us the third Wednesday of every month at 1pm EST / 10am PST for #iexplorechat.

How Does a Twitter Chat Work?

During the one-hour chat, iExplore’s Twitter account will ask ten questions, which participants will answer and tag their answers with #iexplorechat using the Q&A format example outlined below:

@iexplore: Q1: What destination is on your bucket list? #iexplorechat

@twitteruser: A1: I am really hoping to make my way to Costa Rica this year! #iexplorechat

Throughout the chat participants are encouraged to not only answer the chat questions but also engage and share with each other to learn more the chat topic and each other’s experiences.

Past Sample Chats:

"What's In Your Bag?" sponsored by Contiki

Amazing Moments” sponsored by Visit Britain

"Snowventures" sponsored by Tahoe South

Interested in sponsoring or guest hosting #iexplorechat? Contact us.