Those who are well-traveled know the journey is every bit as important as the destination. Alberta by helicopter defines free-spirited adventure with a chopper ride that ensures the most complete, breathtaking birds-eye views of Canada’s mountainous landscape. But what you do after the ride is up to your customizable imagination. The popular “heli-yoga” or mountaintop yoga is one such relaxing option.

Wellness lovers can take advantage of the “natural nameste” day trip with travel packages that start from $1,799 (CDN). Start with a serene flight to an alpine meadow in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The helicopter rides are 30 minutes (or more) of beautiful close-up views of the lakes, waterfalls, wildflowers, snow-capped peaks, and free-roaming wildlife.

Upon landing, be one with nature by embarking on a tranquil walk to find a spot of serenity for a yoga session unlike any other. Escape the pressures of life with the fresh, clean mountain air. Slow your pace and calm your mind to the backdrop of the most spectacular mountain landscapes. Every pose will stretch your body and heighten your awareness in this perfect place. Reflect and daydream as you meditate to the sounds of the rustling of the waters. And when you’re done with this exercise of body and mind, reward yourself with a picnic by the waterfalls and wine atop the mountain.

Those wishing for more or less physical activity can still enjoy a heli-adventure in the form of no-trails heli-hiking; heli-biking on as challenging of terrain as you wish; or heli-fishing in style. The basic guided sightseeing tours by helicopter are also unfailingly popular. After all, the abundance of glaciers, alpine lakes, waterfalls, flora and fauna are certainly enough to keep your attention.