Picture a place where the Rocky Mountains tower over endless plains, where natural beauty extends to the horizon, where time stands still and adventure beckons. Now – picture yourself in the middle of it all surrounded by unlimited opportunities for outdoor exploration. Would you rather take a scenic hike, cast a line, float the river, explore the region by horseback or sit in the middle of a field of wildflowers? Don’t worry, you won’t have to choose. All of this and more waits for you in Montana’s Russell Country where the scenery will take your breath away and communities full of welcoming people will make you want to come back again and again.

A visit to the bustling cities of Great Falls, Lewistown or Havre will immerse you in cultural attractions, museums, outdoor recreation and local boutiques. Authentic western towns like Fort Benton, Choteau and Harlowton offer colorful histories, homemade local cuisine and a mix of unique signature events.  Not sure what to do?  Ask a local and you’ll get the inside scoop on the best rodeos, quick draw art shows, farmers markets, fairs, festivals and concerts in the heart of Montana.

There’s a Trail for You

Russell Country’s location in Central Montana makes it an outdoor playground waiting to be explored. Grab your mountain bike and hit the trails at Showdown in the heart of the Little Belt Mountains.  A ski mountain in the winter, Showdown features hundreds of Forest Service trails to choose from. No matter your experience level, there’s a scenic trail here for you!    

In Great Falls, the River’s Edge Trail provides scenic views in a more urban setting.  Stretching more than 40 miles along the mighty Missouri River, this trail connects the city’s river front parks, boat launches and water park.  The trail follows the river through town and past the majestic Black Eagle Falls, Rainbow Falls, Crooked Falls and the Great Falls of the Missouri. It took Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery more than 30 days to portage these very falls but you can hike or bike past them all in an afternoon.  The River’s Edge Trail is the perfect setting for biking and hiking, as well as a launch point for boating and kayaking.

Let the Current Guide You

The wild and scenic Missouri River offers abundant recreational opportunities as it makes its way across the land. Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark and explore the river by canoe or kayak. View the amazing geological formations found in the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument. Affectionately referred to as “The Breaks,” the river has cut a path through steep bluffs and sandstone rock outcroppings. Coupled with erosion from wind and time, this stretch of river is truly breathtaking.All across Russell Country outfitters and guides will introduce you to stories as colorful as the surrounding scenery as you paddle the gentle river current.

Russell Country possesses some of Montana’s finest blue-ribbon trout rivers and streams. Take a fly fishing trip with a local river guide who will take you to all the best spots. A great day on the river includes world class trout fishing, spectacular views and good company. Sit back and focus on your cast and leave the worry of lunch, tackle, gear and transportation to your guide.

Cowboy Up!

Russell Country is steeped in cowboy history and home to some magnificent sprawling spreads, like the Hughes Mountain Ranch, which have been passed down from generation to generation. If you’ve ever dreamt of getting your hands dirty and actually working at a cattle ranch, this is your invitation to experience the real west. Nestled in beautiful landscapes, working guest ranches like the Bonanza Creek Country Guest Ranch give you a chance to truly connect with the history of the region. And don’t forget, it’s not just the hard-working ranch families who call this area home – you’ll also have the opportunity to view abundant wildlife including deer, elk, eagles and more.  End the day with a home-cooked meal and the sharing of stories around a campfire under a star-filled sky.

Time spent in Russell Country is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories and the desire to come back for more.  Perfecting your cast and triumphing in “beginners luck” or herding cattle from the back of a trusty steed are just some of the adventures that will bring a smile to your face and a warm glow to your heart. The place and the people, Russell Country is where you will have the ultimate adventure vacation.

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