Earth Day. The one day a year you’re morally obligated to consider your impact on the environment and do something different to ensure the world is still flourishing for your grandkid’s generation. So call yo’ friends, call yo’ family and mobilize to do something more meaningful than a day of recycling. This year, be the green hero of your neighborhood. Here are some ideas to spice up your eco-conscience without breaking the bank or pushing you too far out of your comfort zone.

Create a Community Garden

Throw a seed sowing soiree and plant flowers, fruits and vegetables, herbs, anything everyone can enjoy together for beauty and consumption. A great family activity, gardening and playing in the dirt somehow never gets old. Make sure to pass the cool drinks and fire up the grill because urban farming is all the rage.

Drink for a Cause

Tru Organic Sprits, an organic vodka served at a number of restaurants in Los Angeles and New York will plant a tree for each cocktail ordered on Earth Day. But they’re eco-friendly year round. The company will plant a tree in your honor for each bottle sold. Now that’s teamwork. Cheers to doing your part.

Get Crafty

Instead of recycling your garbage, reuse it. Get inspired by clever suggestions on pinterest for cool DIY home projects and you may just come up with the next great decor or jewelry trend.   Scrapbooks, wreathes, lamps and rugs are only some of the innovative art ideas offered.

Serve Eco Snacks

You’ll be the hit of your office when you show up with GORP (“good old raisins and peanuts”), but for flair add in sunflower seeds, almonds, chocolate chips, dried fruits, and any other all natural, locally sourced goody. You might just discover your perfect new snack to take on the trail because it’s a lot healthier for you than processed choices.

Go Dark

Vow to turn off the lights for the entire day and go entirely by candle light. You’ll be saving electricity and setting the mood. If you’re hardcore, opt for soy candles to be even more eco-conscious. Oh la la.