Indonesia is one of the most beautiful and scenic countries in the world, yet travelers can enhance their experience in its capital city by brushing up on a few Jakarta facts before they arrive.

Both the capital and largest city in Indonesia, Jarkarta is located on the coast of Java and is actually part of the second largest urban area on the planet, Jabodetabek. The city dates all the way back to the fourth century as a part of the Kingdom of Sunda, but truly came to prominence as the capital of the Dutch East Indies.

Thanks to its reputation as a global city and a growing business center, there are four major languages being spoken at any given time in the city. These include Indonesian, Javanese, Sudanese and English. This mixture of cultures is made even more evident when one considers the broad mix of western-style architecture and traditional Indonesian culture that abounds in the city.

Over the years, Jakarta has also emerged as a popular destination for regional and international sporting events, hosting such massive events as the Asian Games (1962) and the Asian Cup (2007) since declaring independence in 1945.