The basics

Travel destinations around the world, from the roughest and toughest to the most luxurious and relaxing, can be and have been successfully journeyed by women, both alone and with travel companions.

An increasing number of travel operators cater exclusively for women who are single, find their girlfriends boring to travel with, have husbands that don’t travel or simply need a break from the kids. Although sometimes mothers and daughters, sisters or friends join together on these tours or book a vacation together.

A women’s only vacation could be as easy as having a weekend getaway with a group of female friends to really experiencing the ultimate on the Inca Trail or simply a pursuit like cooking or shopping either with others or on your own.

Options for beginners

If you aren’t a well-traveled individual, pack your bags and join a tour company. Don’t stay at home just because you don’t have a travel companion. It’s perfectly acceptable to take a trip with other women, away from family. Most of the tour operators in this market offer small group travel that combines fun, relaxation and new experiences while creating space for women to foster friendships, confidence and self discovery.

There are a variety of travel destinations available and trips of varying lengths. You may even find you form relationships with women on these tours that can lead to further travel.

Options for advanced

Women today have hiked, cycled, climbed, dived and kayaked over all the continents and countries. They’ve investigated the depths of the sea, the deserts, poles and summits of the world. You don’t have to undertake the journeys of women like Amelia Earhart or Dervla Murphy who flew and biked solo around the world, but their journeys should inspire you to reach your own goals.

Once you’ve done a bit of family or group travel you’ll be ready to go it alone or attempt more of an adventure journey. You could attempt a Guinness book of Record type experience and go really extreme or simply choose a destination you think might be interesting. If you’ve always wanted to go to Rome then book the flight and a hotel and go. If you want to take on the Appalachian Trail on your own pack your gear, get fit and start off. Or if you’d like to drive around Australia get going today.