Multi-Sport Basics

On multi sport itineraries the operators have a guide to accompany the group and a back-up vehicle to shadow. This vehicle carries all the additional nuts and bolts to ensure there are no problems, breakdowns or burn outs. It also means you can catch a lift up the steep hill ahead, get your bike fixed or receive some additional nourishment on route.

There are usually a variety of trips for people of all fitness, age, ability and experience. Older people and even children are often more than welcome.

Multi-Sport - Beginners

Each trip is usually rated for its difficulty level and distances are usually given. If you have limited experience or ability look out for an easy or moderate rating. Easy trips are suitable for most people in good health and generally include short days on good paths and at low altitudes for hiking. If you’re biking they will be relatively flat courses and on the water less technical or fast rivers. Moderate ratings require a reasonable level of fitness as the route might be hilly, longer and at altitude.

On some tours you may have a choice of mileage options. For example one day you might go for a challenging option, then take it easy the next day.

The kinds of activities that might suit a beginner could be easy hiking combined with an elephant safari in Thailand or an easy paddle on a river like the Dordogne in France combined with biking ashore through flat valleys.

Multi-Sport - Advanced

Trips assigned a challenging or strenuous rating are physically demanding and only suitable for people who have a high endurance level. They may not have back up support vehicle as usually the terrain is more remote, mountainous and at altitude. You may need to carry your own backpack over a long day. Expect steep ascents and deep ascents and even cold temperatures. A doctor’s release may be required for travelers over a certain age.

On these tours you could do high altitude hiking on the Tibetan plateau, ice trekking on a glacier in South America or mountain bike through an African game park.