The basics

Homosexuality is growing in acceptance around the world. What this means is not only that gay communities are thriving in major cities around the world, but that it is getting easier and easier to travel as a homosexual and the freedom to not having to hide your true identity while traveling. Essentially, you can be as gay as you want to be in many destinations. The world is opening up and the tourism trade, always one to seek out new markets, is expanding rapidly in towards homosexuals.

Tourist destinations are becoming increasingly geared and wisely marketed towards homosexuals, especially as studies roll in that reveal that they are frequent travelers with more often than not large budgets. Tours aimed at gay couples and singles are becoming increasingly popular to ancient ruins, beach resorts, cultural events, big game reserves, hiking trips, and nearly every other major tourist site. Destinations are expanding to include many of the world’s top tourist attractions. Many homosexuals are finding that the tours find it a time where they are free to be themselves, meet people, don’t have to worry about finding safe places when they travel, are lead and introduced to gay communities easier, and that a gay tour is an easy way to travel.

The types of tours and travels accessible to homosexuals are the exact same tours and travels available to everyone else in the world. They can visit large cities, small cities, Bolivia, or Canada. They can stay at a posh resort, a boutique hotel, or an eco resort. They can trek across the Himalayas or go rafting in Costa Rica. The only difference is a homosexual may, at times, need to veil their identity.

In most cases, large cosmopolitan cities and major tourist destinations tend to attract the largest gay travelers and tend to have the most active gay communities. These destinations often have hotels and restaurants owned by homosexuals and are frequented by homosexual travelers. They can help plug you into the local gay scene, point you toward the best clubs, and give you advice to on how to travel about safely in a country. Occasionally you will come across pride festivals, gay arts centers, theaters, gay media, and other cultural and community features.

Conservative countries and small towns are often the least accepting towards homosexuality. Not all, but many of these destinations tend to be more close minded and stick strongest to religious ideals. Muslim nations sometimes have very harsh laws against homosexuality. Anyone caught practicing homosexuality could face severe punishment such as prison terms or even death. Several Muslim nations such as Jordan, Egypt, and Indonesia are slowly opening up, but a don’t ask don’t tell policy is still probably best for now or be prepared to face serious consequences. Many homosexuals simply avoid all travel in these countries, at least until things change.