Fishing Basics

The majority of the world, believe it or not, just fishes with a piece of string and a hook. No weights, fancy lures, pole, or rubber worm. Just a string and a hook. Fishing for sport on the other hand has evolved into dozens of distinct methods. As much of the western world knows it fishing involves a fishing pole and reel with a baited hook and bobber that you can use while standing on a boat, the shore, or the dock. When the bobber goes under the water that means you have a bite and you should begin to reel in your line. Easy. For something a bit more difficult lose the bobber and tack on a lure, which is any number of small metallic, rubber, plastic, shiny, or insect like attachment with a hook that will attract fish.

There are many other types of fishing and what you do often depends on both your location and the type of fish you would like to catch. Deep-sea fishing is generally done from the back of a moving boat. A very strong, thick pole is set or held from the stern and a baited line is dragged along in the water behind the boat. When a fish is on the line the boat slows and the fishermen reels in the fish.

Fly fishing is a growing sport around the world. This method takes a great deal of skill and practice to cast the line, and not the lure, and is often used to catch trout and salmon in rivers and streams. To do the sport you need an artificial fly and a fly rod, both specifically designed for the sport. Spear fishing is a much lesser known method, although indigenous tribes often use some forms. Most spear fishing done for sport is with a small hand held gun, like a cross bow, that shoots a small metal spear. The sport is far more difficult than it appears

What to use for bait? Worms are the most common bait, while different lures, flys, and rubber worms are strong second. Depending on your location and what the fish like to eat, you may use pieces of fish or meat, shrimp, minnows, dough, insects, and any number of other items.

Fishing - Beginners

Although due to the pollution of the worlds waterways fishing holes are getting smaller and smaller, almost anyone has some sort of access to fishing nearby. Beginners often choose whatever waterway is closest to their house and are content to fish for not necessarily big or specific fish, but just any fish and general. Most beginners use a standard pole with bobber and worm. Fish ponds stocked with fish that charge a small admission and even provide poles and bait are popular with beginners, although little skill is learned.

Fishing - Advanced

Advanced anglers are the ones that take trips to fishing spots better than the ones near where they live and to catch specific fish. These experts invest heavily in poles and lures and are willing t ravel to the ends of the earth for a prized catch. Bass are the fish of choice for most expert anglers. The fish are known for their fight and strength. For deep sea fishing marlin are the top choice and one of the most exciting sporting adventures worldwide. The fish are extremely powerful and may take hours to pull in the boat, often needing several people to help reel in.