The basics

Cultural vacations embracing arts, literature and music are a fantastic way to take in some outstandingly scenic areas while experiencing and understanding them as well.

Cater for your musical tastes by visiting the great opera houses of Europe or North America. Visit the dance performances of the Russian ballet or go to Latin America for some of the best heart-pumping music festivals in the world. Or indulge your literary tastes by following walking trails throughout Europe and North America. There are numerous options.

Options for beginners

To embark on this kind of vacation first determine what arts, literature or music interest you. If you have a favorite author, composer or style of music you prefer, do an online search to see where journeys of discovery into the genre might take you. This kind of travel doesn’t have to follow a trail but rather can be centered on one destination where a story unfolds, music history was made or art created; turning a city into a theme park of fictional or historical sites.

There is a wide range of tour options catering for these kinds of vacations. If you’re not sure it’s something you want to pursue internationally, take a local tour first before you invest.

Options for advanced

Some tour operators customize arts, literature and music vacations to suit your individual tastes or schedule. These tours cater for the independent minded while taking the sting out of organization for things like hotel reservations. Musical bands and performing arts groups can also be catered for, so if you wish to perform while you travel, as opposed to watching others perform, this is also possible.

For those that wish to be completely independent consider your favorite author, musician or genre. Research the historic places connected to them/this and how you might visit. For example if you would like to travel to England consider visiting places made famous by Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters or Charles Dickens. Numerous guidebooks outline walking or touring vacations that take in the arts, music and literature of destinations all over the world.