Travelers wondering may wish to consider planning a vacation to Berlin, the capital city and largest metropolis in the nation. This fantastic destination is known for its tolerant attitude, popularity among tourists and plethora of fun and interesting attractions. Whether visitors have an interest in museum hopping, learning about Europe’s turbulent history, taking in amazing works of art or enjoying the city’s bumping nightlife, Berlin is the ideal spot to plan a getaway.

Since the Berlin Wall fell in the late 1980s, the city has undergone an incredible transformation. What was once a divided metropolis focused on industry and population growth, is now a cultural mecca for artists, musicians, free thinkers and students. Due to the many Soviet soldiers left in the city when the wall went up, as well as the high numbers of Asian, Turkish and Eastern European immigrants that moved to Germany following World War II, Berlin is an incredibly diverse and multicultural place. Travelers are sure to be awed and intrigued by the large variety of eclectic restaurants, cultural sites and religious institutions that have sprung up all over the city.

Berlin is also a very young city, due to the large number of universities and the relatively low price of living in the eastern portion of the metropolis. As a result, many bars, hip restaurants and night clubs have made their way into Berlin, providing tourists with a large number of things to do after dark. Individuals who have an interest in exploring the city’s party scene may want to consider heading to the East Central neighborhood, which is known for harboring the most clubs and cafes.

Travelers to Berlin who would prefer to spend their time visiting museums and important cultural sites will want to check out the Mitte area, which has traditionally been recognized as the historical center of the city. Formerly the capital of East Berlin, this neighborhood boasts numerous attractions, such as the Old Jewish Cemetery, Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe and the Reichstag building. In addition, individuals visiting this section of the metropolis may want to explore its many museums, which include The Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Old National Gallery, Museum of Applied Arts and Berlin Wall Documentation Center, among many others.