The Budapest Christmas Fair is a one-of-a-kind holiday celebration and shopping experience that all individuals should see for themselves at least once in their lifetime. At the end of November, Vörösmarty Square in the center of the city transforms into a virtual winter wonderland, complete with fantastic decorations, beautiful Christmas scenes and a variety of shops, stores and stalls selling a plethora of delicious holiday treats and festive gifts. Individuals who have never traveled to Hungary before may wish to consider visiting the gorgeous nation and its capital city for this event. Although there are many Christmas festivities around the world to check out this time of year, travelers may find that this is one of the most traditional and authentic European experiences.

Beginning on November 18, the vendors and merchants will open their doors in Vörösmarty Square at 10 a.m. The Christmas Fair will run each day until 8 p.m., with the exception of December 25 and 26, when it will close in observance of the holidays. The market will continue to sell quaint and traditional goods, host performances and offer delicious food and wine tastings until December 30.

When visiting Budapest, travelers should be sure to put at least a few hours aside to explore the Christmas Fair. While strolling through Vörösmarty Square, individuals will come across fantastic holiday decorations made with authentic techniques, high quality folk art and traditional wood carvings, all of which may be excellent gifts to bring home to loved ones for Christmas. In addition, travelers can stop to watch the different cultural programs taking place in the square each day, which run from traditional Hungarian musical performances to children’s choirs singing Christmas carols.

According to the website of the Budapest Christmas Fair, there will be more vendors selling traditional Hungarian foods, cakes and sweet treats this year than ever before. In particular, travelers should be on the look out for the stuffed cabbage, strudel, grilled sausages, Christmas cookies and pastries available, as these are authentically made Hungarian delicacies sure to please the palate. For those travelers who would prefer to enjoy their yummy snacks while sitting down, the Gerbeaud Cafe in Vörösmarty Square is a must. This small pastry shop is known for having some of the best cake in the city, as well as delicious, strong coffee.