Damascus is a beautiful city that travelers will long to explore all year-round, yet a quick glance at weather in Syria reveals that spring may be the best time to visit.

Travelers considering an excursion to Damascus likely know that its region of Syria boasts a semi-arid climate that produces hot, dry summers and relatively cool but wet winters. Seasons in this capital city are a bit more defined than much of the rest of the country due to its relative proximity to the coast and the rain shadow effect of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range.

Still, the warm weather of the Middle East is very present in this Arab Capital of Culture, as temperatures during the summer have reached as high as 113 degrees. Winters are cooler, with averages in the low 50s, and spring produces some very comfortable temperatures, with averages in the 60s and 70s between March and May.

Travelers may expect some rain in the spring, though it will be nothing compared to fall and winter.

Vacationers should also note that small mountain ranges in the desert may lessen the sandy winds in the city, but do not eliminate them, so packing moisturizer for the excursion may be wise.