Though most commonly associated with the country of Brazil, Iguazu falls remains one of the most epic and beautiful attractions in Argentina. The name is applied to a number of cascading waterfalls found along the Iguazu river, with Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay each claiming a part of this massive UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Argentina, the falls can be found in the province of Misiones, where they largely shape the country’s boundary with Brazil. The name can be traced back to the native Guarani and Tupi languages from whence it can be translated as big water - something that many viewers of the tremendous site might feel to be an understatement.

Argentina boasts roughly two-thirds of Iquazu’s falls, with the tallest point tumbling over the Basalt cap to create a beautiful and grandiose image that once made former U.S. First Lady Elenor Roosevelt declare “poor Niagara,” according to The site is even shortlisted for inclusion as one of the New 7 Wonders of the Natural World, ranking fifth among lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Approaching the falls from Argentina is considered the best way to see Iguazu, as visitors can peer up at the majestic sight from below, rather than looking out from on high.