Italy is firmly at the top of many travelers’ “Must See” lists, and the beautiful weather in Italy is just one of the reasons why. Lots of sunshine combined with a celebrated culture, a compelling history and some of the most delicious food on the planet, the Mediterranean nation is an obvious choice for international travelers.

Yet while some travelers prefer the history and prestige of urban centers like Rome or Milan, others prefer the more natural setting of the Tuscany region. Characterized by rolling green hill and beautiful scenic vistas, Tuscany is a nature-lover’s dream.

The region boasts one of the most comfortable and accommodating weather systems in Europe. The temperatures throughout the region tend to be rather mild year-round, though travelers will be able to notice some difference depending on where they visit.

Tuscany’s coastlines, for example, tend to feature warmer summers (highs of 86 degrees are common) than the inland alternative, though the hilly plains of the central areas do typically see more rain - yet even then, the region is relatively dry during most of the year.

Spring is the ideal season for a Tuscan escape, as the region’s temperatures have yet to hit their summer highs and popular tourist destinations like Florence and Pisa remain largely uncrowded. Late April through early June are prime visiting times.