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Learn about the holidays in South Africa

There are a number of holidays in South Africa that are observed throughout the year, including Human Rights, Family and Youth Days, but these are also celebrated with nations around the world. One celebration that is specific to South Africa is the Day of Reconciliation on December 16.

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Ancient history and beautiful beaches are some of the best attractions in Greece

Those who are trying to decide on which attractions in Greece to see have plenty of beautiful locations to choose from, such as Athens, Delphi and Santorini, which offer up varying ancient and tropical sites to explore. The capital city of Athens is a remarkable sight, as ancient monuments are situated among a bevy of modern architecture. The contrast of old and new lifestyles makes for a stunning scene. Sight-seers should check out attractions like the Parthenon and Acropolis, as well as Hadrian’s Arch and Memorial to the Unknown Solider.

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Opt for Venice when deciding where to go in Italy

When narrowing down potential vacation destinations in Europe, travelers may be wondering where to go in Italy. Venice is an excellent choice, as it is full of history and a wealth of cultural activities that are sure to keep visitors of all ages intrigued and entertained throughout their trip.

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Where to go in France: Explore the countryside on a camping trip

When travelers think about , they are most likely envisioning a relaxing getaway in Paris surrounded by beautiful scenery with the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the distance. But there is far more to the nation than just the sights of the capital city, which tourists can find when they trek to the countryside for a camping trip.

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Heritage day is one of the biggest holidays in South Africa

Vacationers jaunting off to Cape Town this September will find themselves in the midst of a massive celebration, as the month hosts one of the most important South Africa holidays – Heritage Day. One of many public holidays to be created in the southern nation over the past several years, Heritage Day occurs on September 24 and is a chance for people of all races, cultures and creeds living within South Africa to celebrate their heritage and the diversity that abounds in the country.

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