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Have a taste of the savory Madagascar cuisine

It’s not often that restaurants feature traditional Madagascar cuisine, which makes the elusive style of cooking just another attractive reason to visit the country. It takes inspiration from Southeast Asia, Africa, India, China and Europe, making for many interesting and exotic dishes for travelers to try on their next vacation.

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Discover the taste of Senegalese cuisine

Travelers who have ever been to Europe may discover some familiar tastes when they try Senegalese cuisine. Visitors to this country are sure to enjoy the eclectic mix of French, Portuguese and North African inspirations in its dishes, as well as several other ethnic styles of cooking.

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Head to Madrid for the most delicious cuisine in Spain

Those who are visiting Madrid on their next vacation may want to spend their days checking out the vast array of restaurants in the capital city to get a taste of some of the most delicious cuisine in Spain.

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Savor the international flavor of Senegal food

Travelers heading to the African nation of Senegal may have some idea of what to expect from the local scenery, but Senegal food may be more of a gray area. The Western African nation has been home to a number of cultures throughout the years and the result is an eclectic diet that involves a stunning mix of herbs, spices, meat, fish and rice.

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