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Holidays in South Africa: Halloween

Holidays in are much the same as they are in many other countries around the world. Families, friends and communities usually get together to celebrate the day and partake in festive, seasonal activities. Although Halloween, a holiday celebrated in most North American and European countries on October 31, was not recognized in South Africa until about a decade ago, people today do celebrate this spooky occasion in a variety of different, fun ways.

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Enjoy South Africa’s wildlife at the Hermanus Whale Festival

Adventurers who are looking for a unique way to view South Africa’s wildlife this September can attend the 2011 . This year, the African nation will celebrate its 20th festival in Hermanus, a town on the Southern coast of the Western Cape province. Between September 30 and October 4, visitors will have the chance to view the area’s beautiful whales while enjoying music, food, crafts and a variety of other activities.

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Learn about the holidays in South Africa

There are a number of holidays in South Africa that are observed throughout the year, including Human Rights, Family and Youth Days, but these are also celebrated with nations around the world. One celebration that is specific to South Africa is the Day of Reconciliation on December 16.

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Heritage day is one of the biggest holidays in South Africa

Vacationers jaunting off to Cape Town this September will find themselves in the midst of a massive celebration, as the month hosts one of the most important South Africa holidays – Heritage Day. One of many public holidays to be created in the southern nation over the past several years, Heritage Day occurs on September 24 and is a chance for people of all races, cultures and creeds living within South Africa to celebrate their heritage and the diversity that abounds in the country.

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