Travel News — Germany

Where to go in Germany: Berlin

Travelers wondering may wish to consider planning a vacation to Berlin, the capital city and largest metropolis in the nation. This fantastic destination is known for its tolerant attitude, popularity among tourists and plethora of fun and interesting attractions. Whether visitors have an interest in museum hopping, learning about Europe’s turbulent history, taking in amazing works of art or enjoying the city’s bumping nightlife, Berlin is the ideal spot to plan a getaway.

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Oktoberfest can quench travelers’ thirst during a trip to Germany

is one of the most well-known festivals in the world and is certainly a must-see for travelers who are planning a trip to Germany in September. This year, the annual celebration will begin on September 9 and end on October 3, giving its countless guests the chance to drink an estimated one million gallons of ice cold beer. While modern adventurers may think celebrating with a stein full of beer is a new tradition, the first Oktoberfest was actually held in 1810.

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