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Cuba attractions: the towering Castillo del Morro

When travelers are considering the many to visit during a trip to the island, they may want to research Castillo del Morro for a dose of Cuban history. This large fortress, which is also called San Pedro de la Roca Castle or El Marra, was created in the 1600s in order to guard the entrance to the Bahia de Santiago, or the Bay of Santiago, from attacks. However, today it is a popular tourist spot, especially at dusk when a daily ceremony takes place.

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The Carnival of Santiago de Cuba will liven any Caribbean vacation

Cuba’s will be one of the most exciting events of the summer for travelers who are planning a trip to this island nation. Typically, the celebration for this festival awakes the city around the third week in July and ends with a grand finale on July 26. Although many cities across the country have their own annual carnivals, this celebration is regarded as the biggest, most famous and most traditional in all of Cuba due to its long history.

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Fly to Cuba to see some of the best attractions in Varadero

There are many eye-catching places to visit while in Cuba, and tourists can find some of its best attractions in Varadero, a naturally beautiful island that offers something for travelers from all walks of life.

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