Snowmobiling Adventure - Yukon Style

If you want to cover ground and get into Yukon’s real backcountry, get revved up for a snowmobile adventure. Yukon operators offer half-day, day, or multi-day snowmobile packages suited to your interests and abilities. A well-chosen snowmobile with an experienced guide will lead you effortlessly along the trail to your lodge, heated wall tent, or cabin destination.

Don’t be fooled by the gentle hum of your new four-stroke engine. At full throttle these snow machines have horses that can knock your boots off. All tours begin with a helmet, Yukon-ready winter gear, orientation to your machine, and a full safety briefing. The touring snowmobiles you’ll be using are designed for maximum comfort, power, and the ability to cover vast distances over a variety of terrain.

Towering peaks, wide river valleys, and endless frozen lakes are accessible through an immense network of well-groomed trails. Maintained by dedicated snowmobiling enthusiasts, the Whitehorse Copper Trail, Dawson Overland Trail, and the Trans Canada Trail are usually the starting point for most packaged tours. Guides lead you along these trails stopping regularly for photographs, snacks, and hot drinks. It’s truly amazing to see the culinary delights that your cultured guide will pack along...such as caribou carpaccio, moose sausages, cranberry scones, and other locally harvested specialties.

After touring the hills for a few hours, park your snowmobile on a lake and try your hand at a little ice fishing. From this vantage point it’s often possible to see caribou, wolves, or moose foraging along the mountainsides. If you stay long enough to let the darkness surround you, there is a good chance of viewing the northern lights on your way home. Snowmobiles may not be standard fare in your city, but here in Yukon, they are one of the most practical ways of getting around.