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10 Things That Should Be on your Bucketlist

#YOLO - You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough. The wildly popular phrase making its way around the interwebs has struck a special cord with adventure and travel enthusiasts anxiously awaiting to conquer the next unforgettable experience from their seemingly endless bucket list. Take it from us though, every time you cross something off the list, 10 more things to do appear in its place. So whether your list ever gets shorter, here are some absolute must-do experiences to truly say you’ve lived life to the fullest.  How many have you completed?


Go on a safari

The animal kingdom is calling. Hit up Africa in a big way in search of the “Big 5,” the 5 most allusive animals to hunt on foot (the lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros). There’s nothing more rugged and freeing than being one with nature during migration, breeding periods or just hanging out around watering hole. Sleep at one of the camps so you get to experience the nocturnal life too because it’s a whole different world when the lights go out.