6 Ways to Get out on the Water in Virginia Beach

By: Jade Broadus

With 35 gorgeous miles of unobstructed beach views, featuring the resort area, secluded Sandbridge and the Chesapeake Bay, the coastline of Virginia Beach is not to be missed. Whether you love a high intensity water adventure like surfing or jet skiing or want to a more relax ride and see the marine life on a dolphin tour boat ride, there are plenty of ways to experience the ocean and beach. Plus, all the beaches in Virginia Beach are free.

Check out these 6 unbelievable ways to spend your sunny days on your next vacation in Virginia Beach:

Boat Tours: For the more relaxed vacationer, join a boat tour. Cruise around the Atlantic Ocean in style and blissfully enjoy the sun and water in luxury. If you want to get a great sunset shot, choose a ride that departs near the Chesapeake Bay area.

Jet Skiing: If you like to mix your beach time with spiked adrenaline rushes, try jet skiing. Anyone can jump on and after a short demonstration and safety guide, you’ll be off jumping waves and seeing the ocean like never before.

Surfing: California doesn’t have all the fun when it comes to waves. Virginia Beach is a hot spot for surfers of all ages. With several rental companies, you don’t even have to bring your own board. Get ready to hang ten!

Parasailing: Get some air! After spending so much time looking at the beach from eye level, why not see the coastline from up above. Parasailing is a family friendly activity that has you flying through the air.

Kayaking: Tired of laying out on the beach all day- go kayaking! Back Bay kayaking adventures is one way of truly mixing fun and getting exercise. You’re sure to burn up a sweat and see a lot of wildlife and beautiful views while paddling around. Many kayakers have spotted bald eagles, turtles and dolphins while cruising around.

Dolphin Tours: There is more than one way to see dolphins in Virginia Beach. Dolphins so often swim in the outdoors off the coast of Virginia Beach that you will most likely see some while surfing, kayaking, and jet skiing. If you want to dedicated tour, check out a dolphin boat tour or the unique ‘sit on top’ ocean kayaks from Chesapean Outdoors. This Eco Friendly tour offers dozens of different eco tours perfect for any interest and skill level.