Guide to Planning the Ultimate Tennessee Vacation

You don’t have to call up a travel agent in order to plan a fun and unforgettable trip to Tennessee. In fact, setting up such an adventure is as simple as deciding upon a few basic things. Thanks to the state’s broad array of attractions and activities, it’s easy to plan out a vacation that will suit you and your traveling companions perfectly. By choosing when and where to go - and what you’re most interested in doing - you can create a Tennessee travel itinerary that is sure to be amazing. The following tips can help.

Pick a Season

Tennessee shines all year long; there is no “bad” season in which to visit the Volunteer State. However, you should take each season’s merits into consideration when planning a vacation in Tennessee. During the winter, for instance, there are skiing opportunities to consider; you can also join in on the holiday fun in the state’s bigger cities. During the spring, wildflowers and other plants pop up all over the state. In the summer, unbeatable outdoors activities like hiking, biking and fishing are all readily available. The fall has a charm all its own in Tennessee, including corn mazes and jaw-dropping displays of fall foliage.

Choose a Region

The region that you decide to visit in Tennessee will depend on what you’re interested in doing. Many visitors flock to areas like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where a plethora of scenic vistas and plenty of outdoor fun beckon. Others prefer to make their way along the Appalachian Trail, which reaches astonishing heights in the state. History buffs stick with the Civil War battlefield regions of Tennessee in order to learn more about the state’s amazing story. On-the-go types love the hustle and bustle of big cities like Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga.

Decide on a Theme

Another thing to consider when planning a trip to Tennessee concerns coming up with a theme. Most travelers prefer to have a basic theme around which to plan their visits. If you’re traveling with kids, for instance, you’re probably going to want to hit as many kid-friendly attractions as possible. If you’re on the lookout for unbeatable outdoor fun, you can plan your trip accordingly with ease. If your vacation is going to be educational in nature, you can plot a course through some of the state’s incredible museums, battlefields and other attractions.

Mix it Up

There’s no reason at all why your trip to Tennessee has to be restricted to one particular theme. If you’ve never been to the state before, for instance, you might be eager to see as many sides of it as possible. Happily, this is quite easy to do. Tennessee is a rather large state, but it is criss-crossed with a broad network of interstate highways, freeways and roads. It’s easy to make your way from one part of the state to another. Along the way, you can include a smattering of scenic byways in order to make your travel even more enjoyable.

Wing It

If you’re the type of person who enjoys throwing caution to the wind, Tennessee is a great state in which to do so. While plotting a precise course is a great way to go, you could always head over to Tennessee and make things up as you go along. Before doing so, though, it never hurts to familiarize yourself with the basics of what the state has to offer. That way, if you suddenly feel like enjoying some topnotch hiking, you can head over to a nearby state park to do so with ease.

You’ll Have Fun No Matter What!

The bottom line on planning a trip to Tennessee is that there is no wrong way to go about it. The state’s eclectic mix of activities and attractions assures that any travel itinerary will be chock full of fun. Wherever you end up going - and whatever you end up doing - you are sure to come away from your Tennessee travel experience with a keen desire for more. Like many others before you, you will probably find yourself back in Tennessee again and again in the future. The state simply has a draw that few can resist.