Summer in Switzerland

Welcome to the vacation destination that can still offer its guests authentic experiences, from the sight of a spectacular mountain panorama and the fragrance of an Alpine meadow to a refreshing dip in a natural pool. And the people of Switzerland are no less authentic than the landscape. Helping to drive the cattle up to the mountain pastures, watching a bout or two of traditional Swiss wrestling or a visit to an Alpine dairy are just a few of the innumerable authentic and unforgettable experiences to be had here.

Nature at its best - Switzerland is a small country, but an enormous nature park. Nowhere else will you find so many worlds of experience in such a small space. Wherever you go, something magnificent, interesting, enjoyable and refreshing awaits you.

Switzerland, a land of water - Switzerland is, quite simply, the water tower of Europe. The biggest rivers in Europe have their sources in Switzerland. Lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls; there’s plenty to enjoy both in and on the water.

Hiking - Sweaty vests, blisters on the feet and Spartan picnic breaks - this image of hiking belongs in the past. Today the focus is on pure pleasure, feel-good experiences and taking active breaks in unspoiled nature. That’s great news, because Switzerland’s natural diversity reveals itself best when discovered on foot.

Cycling - Whether your ride is to be easy or taxing, short or multiday, Switzerland Mobility’s 5,590 miles cycle network is varied enough to suit all tastes.

Mountain biking - You’re pedaling hard, gravity’s pulling you back, your muscles are burning-but the only thing that takes your breath away is the spectacular, ever-changing landscape. Switzerland Mobility’s 2,790 miles of mountain bike routes promise ultimate freedom.

Some glorious Regions

Lake Geneva - Gently sloping vineyards border the shores of the lake, with the capital city of Lausanne across from the highest Alpine peaks. Lively towns and small wine-growing villages appear scattered at random. The region seems half dream and half reality, but the people in the farm villages who work the wheat fields on the plain above the lake, the inhabitants of the medieval towns and the original inhabitants of the castles have always had both feet planted firmly on the ground. In the quiet Vallé de Joux, nature remains unspoiled. The Jura mountains lie to the north and the Vaud Alps to the east, with lush pastures, chalet villages, mountain peaks and glaciers - as well as sunny ledges ready-made for a relaxed vacation and sporting adventures.

Bernese Oberland - Delight in the best local art, in castles that are silent witnesses to wealth gone by, and in lovingly restored hotel palaces from the early days of tourism. Deep, dark forests end at the foot of rocky peaks, while cows graze under the ancient Alpine maple trees. Mountain lakes like jewels reflect towering white peaks, and above it all reigns the majestic chain of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Ticino - Mountain tours that start in snow, ice and rock, end in balmy chestnut forests. Gentian blooming on Alpine pastures and wooded hills rising to high peaks on the shores of Ticino’s lakes contrast with rich camellia on lakeshore promenades. If you prefer cultural pursuits, they’re available at every turn; romantic landscapes have always attracted poets and artists and inspired architects to dream up daring constructions - often based on ancient architectural tradition. A rich blend of past and future, north and south, mountains and plains, nature and culture, city and country - that’s Ticino in a nutshell.

Valais - Finding, enjoying, understanding. Balmy summer warmth bathes the valley. Water gurgles from pond to pond in pine forests and vineyards. A cool breeze wafts down from the glaciers. The mountaintops seem closer to reaching the heavens than anything else on earth. The Rhone River is like a blue ribbon, fed by numerous tributaries that emerge from steep valleys. In short, it is a landscape of opposites; of steep rock faces and soaring Alps; of German and French; of northern and Mediterranean flair. It is a region of 13,200 feet peaks, the twelve largest glaciers and a multitude of Alpine passes.