Learn Spanish in Spain

Learning a language is much more than memorizing verb tenses and vocabulary words from a text book. Actually practicing conversations in local context to catch nuisances in dialect, slang and regional variations are much more valuable than any classroom course overseas could provide. Whether you’re keen on learning Spanish as a beginner or perfecting your accent in an advanced program, there are opportunities for you across the country. Spoken by more than 400 million people throughout the world, Spain offers everything from month-long immersion classes to year-long studies.  Besides language, their rich culture, traditions and heritage have to be seen and experienced to garner the full effect.

Work Abroad

Want to earn some money while you’re abroad? By nannying with a family as an au-pair, you’re around people and conversing 24/7. As the young children learn and grow, so will you! It’s a great opportunity to expose them to English at a young age and you to Spanish to help each other, as well as get the experience of living as a local. Another option is to pick up a temp job or waitress/bartend for a couple months to be forced to communicate in the native tongue. The Embassy or the offices of Turespaña can help connect you with gigs and opportunities.


Fedele Center operates schools throughout the country that provide a full language immersion. They can match you up with city accommodations, a home-stay and/or extracurricular activities to supplement your studies. They set the bar for Spanish learning because they want you to get the most out of your trip in terms of experiencing the culture, cuisine, festivals, dance, and sports to really get a 360° understanding of Spain. With programs for students of all ages, there are courses focused on business, tourism, and prep for the DELE exam from classroom times ranging from a few hours a week to 20-30 in both group and private settings.