Top 5 Reasons to Use SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

If you’re an intrepid adventurer who likes exploring remote, far-flung parts of the globe, you may think that you have a handle on what types of equipment to keep on hand. Chances are, though, that you’re missing one important device: a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is quickly becoming must-have gear for anyone who regularly travels to areas where cell phone coverage is marginal at best - and nonexistent at worst. If an emergency happens when you’re out of reach, your trouble could escalate quickly; SPOT can come in very handy. Check below for five great reasons to use the SPOT.

  1. It Works Almost Anywhere

    SPOT uses both GPS and communication satellite technology to keep you in touch with the world. Therefore, you’re not at the mercy of flaky cell phone service providers. You’re not going to see a cell phone tower in remote places like Macchu Picchu anyway, so owning this device makes sense. When you keep the SPOT close at hand, you can quit worrying about being so completely cut off from the world - because you’re not. It truly is your line of communication with the world.

  2. It Won’t Cramp Your Style

    Chances are, you already have enough gear to carry around during your adventures. If the thought of adding even one more thing to the list turns you off, never fear - the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is remarkably lightweight, streamlined and compact. It can be slipped into your pocket or clipped onto your belt so that it never gets in the way. You’ll never even know that you have it on you; when you need it, though, you’ll be glad that it’s there. Furthermore, it boasts a sleek, simple design that you will love.

  3. It Can Connect You to Emergency Assistance

    What if something serious happens while you’re in a remote, out of the way place? A simple broken leg can spell major trouble when you’re high up on a remote mountain peak or deep within a dense jungle. The SPOT can connect you with local emergency services at the push of a button. Nobody plans on having an accident while on an adventure; if one happens, though, you’ll be relieved to know that SPOT is there.

  4. It Lets You Stay in Touch

    The last thing that you want is for your family and friends to worry about you while you’re away. The SPOT can come quite in handy in that case, since it lets you check-in with the important people in your life in a quick, easy way. You won’t be able to send long, detailed messages about your adventures - those will have to wait until later. In the meantime, though, you can send short, reassuring messages to the ones you love to let them know that everything is okay.

  5. It Lets You Create Detailed Chronicles of Your Adventure

    Looking back, it’s often tricky to reconstruct the precise route that you took during an adventure. The SPOT solves this problem with its “Track Progress” feature. By enabling the feature, you allow SPOT to broadcast your present location once every ten minutes. Those locations are stored for you to use at a later date. This is a great way to have a clear, definitive record of where you went - and when you went there. Your friends and family will love following along in real time on Google Maps™. Just log onto, connect your SPOT account and begin creating adventures including waypoints, photos and stories.

The SPOT lets you make the most of your most exciting travel adventures. It lifts the burden of worrying about accidents from your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy a more carefree travel experience. It keeps you in touch with the ones you love, reassuring them of your safety. It allows you to create a clear, definitive record of the routes you take and the ground that you cover. Most importantly, it lets you request emergency assistance from almost anywhere. If you want to kick your travel adventuring up a notch, it’s time that you invested in this amazing tool.