The iExplore Adventurer Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are quickly approaching. We recently asked the iExplore team to provide some of their favorite travel gifts. If you have an adventure traveler on your gift list or feel like pampering yourself then we hope the list below will help you give a gift to celebrate the love for travel

Joby Gorillapod Tripod

I never travel without my trusty photographer’s assistant the Joby Gorillapod. The Gorillapod is a small portable tripod that can be attached to nearly anything. I have wrapped it around tree limbs, fence posts and trusted it on uneven surfaces. Don’t miss out on self-portraits or group photos by using a Joby Gorillapod on your next trip to capture yourself in the excitement of your destination. The Gorillapod is available in four sizes; choose the appropriate one for your camera. - Suggested by Todd M.

Personalized Traveler Map Set

Have a world traveler on your gift list or a travel dreamer? The Personalized World Traveler Map Set is the perfect gift to track their travels or plan their next adventure. The color map comes with a personalized metal crest that can include up to 50 characters of your choosing. The map is mounted on corkboard and is delivered with colored pins to track places visited, upcoming trips and dream destinations. Purchase either a world or U.S. map both available framed or unframed. It can also be delivered framed. - Suggested by Harley S.

Pacsafe StashSafe 100 Hip Pack

This is the best waist pack I have ever owned! The amazing thing is, I don’t even like waist packs, but this one makes the grade. Lightweight, multiple compartments and zips inside, but the real great feature is the built in cable and ability to ‘lock’ the pack to a fixture, etc. So, if you are in a restaurant, bar, in a hotel room, etc. etc., you can safely lock your pack and know it cannot be cut off of you, or you can be a safe distance away from it without it ‘disappearing’. - Suggested by Dallyce M.

Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask

Sleep or relax anywhere in complete darkness. This featherweight, pillowy-soft eye mask with light-blocking fabric cradles your eyes without pressure. Love this one. - Suggested by Anna M.

Travel Medic Kit

This adventure medical kit is great. I have a tendency to injure myself, so I don’t like to leave home without it. It’s got everything you need for your adventure holiday away (barring any serious injury) and it’s small and light enough not to take up too much room in your luggage! - Suggested by Melissa M.

And if budget is no option, Anne F. suggest the ultimate gift: “Migration Safari” - a once in a lifetime trip.

Experience the awe-inspiring annual migration in this once in a lifetime trip! You’ll spend extended time in the Masai Mara where the animal migration is at its peak. Watch as the migration unfolds with wildebeest and zebra in the thousands, while predators - lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and scavenger birds - eagerly await the opportunity to seize their exhausted and fallen prey.

It would be the perfect gift for someone looking for something that will be truly unique and memorable.