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Top 10 Whitefish Winter Adventures

Vacations are all about having fun and even trying something new. Winter visitors to Whitefish know about the great skiing, but for the non-skiers, or those taking a day off, there is so much more to do in the winter.


Ski With Snow Ghosts

Whitefish, Montana is famous for snow ghosts — heavy accretions of rime that coat the trees in the high alpine. The architects of snow ghosts are the wind and clouds that frequently buffet and blanket the summit of the mountain. Even though these clouds are colder than the freezing temperature of water, they are made of masses of suspended, liquid, water droplets.

These super-cooled droplets freeze when they encounter obstacles— like trees. The resulting coating is rime ice. This process is akin to taking very small, but multiple buckets of cold water and splashing them upon these objects and causing them to freeze.

These accumulations actually act as a barrier, protecting the tree and its needles from the abrasive action of blowing ice, and the drying of cold winds. But really — beyond the science, what we have are haunting, beautiful snow formations that are a signature of Whitefish. Skiing or snowboarding through them is an experience like no other!