This is Northeast Montana's Missouri River Country

Heading toward the sunrise and leaving the abrupt wall of the Northern Rocky Mountains behind, one approaches the most magnificent prairie country in the nation…the northeast quadrant of the Big Sky – Montana’s Missouri River Country – an uncommon piece of geography.

Island mountains, buttes, river breaks and canyons, badlands and a largely untouched landscape are the hallmarks of this territory. If Lewis and Clark went up against the current of the Missouri today, more than 200 years later, they would recognize much of what they viewed back then.

Missouri River Country is where Montana’s first known history was played out. Millions of bison migrated through the territory and nomadic Plains Indians followed them. The shaggy beasts sustained these great Indian Nations by providing food, clothing and shelter. Much of early-day Montana deserves the description, the “Wild West,” but the Little Rocky Mountains and the country rolling south into the Missouri River Breaks was perhaps the epitome of the Old West etched on movie screens. A little over 100 years ago, the characters of those times…cattle barons, gold seekers, outlaws, cowboys, vigilantes, rustlers and horse thieves went about their way here.

Northeast Montana’s centerpiece is the Missouri River. As a route of western expansion, it had few equals and became Montana’s lifeline.

These landscape descriptions are but a few of a territory fitted with awesome prairie scenery. And places like the sprawling Charles M. Russell and Medicine Lake national wildlife refuges not only encompass incredible beauty, but are home to wildlife populations unparalleled on the high plains.

Towns are the essence of this territory. Small town main streets provide unique shopping and dining experiences while providing a gateway to surrounding landscapes, wildlife and cultural attractions. A genuine welcoming atmosphere prevails.

Plan to visit this quiet corner of northeast Montana and start your journey through Missouri River Country’s beautiful landscape and to discover and live our rich history, vibrant culture and western hospitality.  Learn more at