Mexico Overview

While many nations live to work, Mexico does the opposite. The people are lovers of free time and socializing, and friends and family. This vivacious outlook makes Mexico a vibrant, fun and exciting destination.

Mexico is defined by a cultural mash-up of past and present. Housing ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, Mexico is filled with the old and the vibrant new. The past and present again collide in the continued celebration of ancient rituals, such as the celebration of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) honoring lost family members. From historical sites to booming cities, past and present can be found living in harmony throughout Mexico.

Coral reefs teeming with diverse creatures surround the country of Mexico. The Pacific coast attracts elephant seals and spectacular grey whales, just some of the spectacular sea life The Pacific coast has to offer.

Tequila is certainly the drink of Mexico. Mexico is home to agave, a plant used in the production of blue agave tequila. Enjoyed by many, this plant provides tequila unlike any other.

Mexico City is its capital, where 20 million people (a fifth of the whole population) work, play, live and love together.