Why Travel to Galápagos With Lindblad-National Geographic?

Their History in the Galápagos

Before there was an official national park, there were two Ecuadorian naturalists with a passion for preserving and restoring the islands. Lars-Eric Lindblad paid their salaries for a year, before they became the first “rangers” of the Galápagos National Park Service, and custodians of a world treasure. Their roots here go deep. They were the first to bring non-scientific explorers to the archipelago in 1967, and have been instrumental in its preservation.

The Lindblad Expeditions + National Geographic Fund for Conservation has been instrumental in the ecological restoration of Santiago Island, awarding scholarships to Galápagos students to study biology or environmental science, and providing grants for local conservation projects. Every cent donated is allocated to local Galápagos projects, and Lindblad carries all the operating expenses. So far, they’ve raised over $5.5 million - more than any other organization in Galápagos.

Their longstanding relationship with and enormous respect for the Galápagos National Park Service’s efforts is the reason why they have adopted the best practices for safely visiting and exploring the islands of the archipelago. What many see as a highly regulated environment in which to operate, they see as an opportunity for environmentally responsive travel and creativity. Within the necessary strictures of the Park Service rules, they offer you a matchless degree of flexibility: with multiple options for experiencing Galápagos in exciting ways — through activities you choose — every day.

The Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Alliance

Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic have joined forces to further inspire the world through expedition travel. Their collaboration in exploration, research, technology and conservation will provide extraordinary travel experiences and disseminate geographic knowledge around the globe.

National Geographic has brought the world to adventurous readers for more than 100 years. And Lindblad has been bringing adventurous travelers out into the world — to Galápagos and other pristine places — for nearly 50 years. Their alliance guarantees top-tier professionals onboard and a richer, deeper experience on the land.

Through this alliance of two exploration pioneers, guests can not only explore the most fascinating reaches of the planet, they can interact with world-renowned scientists, naturalists, and researchers. They uncover stunning natural environments alongside skilled specialists utilizing state-of-the-art exploration tools.

Formed in 2004, their exclusive partnership with National Geographic means that their ships have become a platform for enhancing the expedition experience for all guests by including National Geographic experts, photographers. Lindblad founder and president, Sven-Olof Lindblad, was appointed to the National Geographic Society’s Conservation Trust Advisory Board, a move that reflects National Geographic’s growing commitment to geotourism.

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