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Top 10 Greenest Cities

Green isn’t just a trend anymore it’s a lifestyle and when adopted on a large scale, it can have impressive impacts on the effects of global conservation. While certainly not cheap or easy, here are some real leaders in the green space who are innovative in their sustainable design and tourism practices from the obvious to the surprising.


Osaka, Japan

Japan is bursting at the seams with people so anything they can do to improve the quality of life is a plus on their claustrophobic island. While already extremely efficient with their public transportation systems, the newly remodeled Osaka Station is powered by solar power, wind energy and houses a public garden on the roof called "Tenku no Noen," meaning "Farm in the Sky." The concourse is air-conditioned with Dry Mist and the dome roof collects rainwater to recycle as a useable water supply. Literally every green option was taken into consideration in its construction and sets the tone for future city planning.