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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica

The coolest destination on earth, literally, Antarctica is the last great wilderness. A place free of anything man-made, this natural beauty must be discovered before its precious polar ecosystem and wildlife are endangered and lost forever.  The 5th largest continent, only about one percent of the total landmass is visible and by far the most unexplored area by mankind.  Antarctic encompasses the whole area south of 60° and is comprised of islands, sea and ice shelves. A journey to the South Pole promises a land of extremes only the most adaptive travelers can handle.


Under the Sea

Often overlooked, Antarctica's undersea is an environment even more amazing than what resides on the surface. Described by oceanographers as a “"riot of life," species exist in the depths of the Antarctic Ocean that exist nowhere else on earth.  Researchers discovered new kinds of crabs, an albino octopus, and alien fish species.