A Traveler’s Journal: Chris Tanner

When did you go and for how long?

For eleven days during late February into early March.

How many people did you travel with?

I was traveling on my own, but the boat held about 110 people.

Why did you choose Antarctica?

I was already in South America and had some time off work so thought I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to Antarctica.

Did you do any special physical training or read up about the destination in order to get ready for the trip?

No, didn’t do any research or training, as it was a rather last minute trip.

What were some of the trip’s most memorable moments?

Too many to list, but some include cruising around Iceberg Alley in the zodiacs, the trip along the Lemaire Channel on the boat and actually hitting the continent mainland. The evenings were spent hanging out with others on the ship, and lectures were only on during the day.

How was the food?

The food was awesome, and plentiful. So much food, it’s not funny.

What were the accommodations like?

Accommodation was very good: twin share, very clean and serviceable with enough space.

How was your guide?

There was no private guide so to speak, but the guides were all very good and enthusiastic. On the ship the guides were about the place from time to time. In the evenings they generally kept to themselves. But they were there marshalling on the activities, and also conducted the lectures on sailing days.

Where are you planning on going next, and why?

I’m looking at heading to Colombia and Venezuela next as I’m located in South America at the moment. I’d love to see Venezuela’s wildlife, Angel Falls and some of the beaches.