Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Antarctica With Lindblad Expeditions

  1. Experience Matters.

    The Lindblad family has operated hundreds of Antarctic expeditions since 1966.

  2. Lindblad Cove.

    In 1995 the name Lindblad Cove was bestowed upon a beautiful bay on the Trinity Peninsula.

  3. National Geographic Funded Researchers, onboard.

    On every expedition we carry two penguin researchers.

  4. The Undersea, Illuminated.

    The oft-overlooked Antarctic undersea is an environment we’ll highlight every expedition.

  5. The Finest Expedition Ship Afloat, National Geographic Explorer

    A fully stabilized, Ice-Class 1A expedition ship with unmatched tools for exploration.

  6. Highly Experienced Ice Masters & Expedition Leaders

    With their many decades of experience they deliver an unparalleled expedition.

  7. Mudmaps.

    We can confidently take you to the off-the-beaten-path landings, and safely get you back.

  8. Polar Kayaking.

    There are very few things that measure up to kayaking the frozen scenery of a quiet Antarctic cove.

  9. National Geographic Photographer.

    Travel with a National Geographic Photographer for a rare, behind-the-scenes perspective.

  10. Video Chronicle.

    A professional will produce a chronicle of your Antarctic expedition, ready before you leave the ship.