Recently recognised by Forbes as the “World’s Friendliest Country”, the Cayman Islands is a trio of tucked-away treasures. Crystal blue views seem to span forever; powder-sand softens every step.  But beyond the beauty of the beaches, you’ll discover a warmth that doesn’t just come from the sun. Caymankind is a feeling of heart and hospitality that our islands are known for. It’s the entire experience of Caymanian culture: the people, the place, and an approach to life.

Over 135 different nationalities call the Cayman Islands home.  This distinct diversity rises up through our communities like a rhythm.  Our country’s harmouny hinges off of a rich maritime heritage. Considered first-class mariners, Caymanian captains ventured wide across the Western Caribbean aboard catboats and turtle schooners. Caymankind pays homage to that history. Whether you dance down West Bay Road during our annual Batabano carnival, or simply sit down to a local fish fry, you’re sure to sense the tradition that surrounds.

At the cornerstone of Caymankind are all the measures of a life well lived. On Grand Cayman, you’ll discover dozens of diversions ranging from family fun to active adventures. As our biggest island, this bustling centre boasts both cosmopolitan charm and Caribbean ease. Befriend a sociable sea creature in Stingray City, recharged at one of our world-class resorts, soak up a sunset along Rum Point. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy excitement in every endeavour.

With Caymankind also comes a commitment—not just to the present but, to the future.  Hailed as the birthplace of recreational diving, the Cayman Islands have long been at the forefront of marine conservation. Today, our underwater marvels are maintained through the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and the privately-funded Central Caribbean Marine Institute. Our amazing attractions, like the Kititwake, depend upon this diligence. Submerged off the tip of Grand Cayman, the Kittiwake wreck is a flourish of native fish: shimmering silver jacks, rare sponges, goliath groupers. Caymankind is the guarantee that thesegems will be here for generations to come.

This pledge to protect is perpetuated on our Sister Islands.  Preserved and pristine, each island promises an ethereal escape. The larger of the two, Cayman Brac, is a criss-cross of hiking trails that culminate at a breath-taking bluff.  To see Little Cayman’s unspoiled splendour, take a trip beneath the waves. There, divers will delight in an assortment of sunken sights such as a sheer coral wall.

From smiles to experiences worthwhile, the Cayman Islands has something to make your day brighter than it already was—that’s Caymankind.


To learn more about our islands, visit www.caymankind.com