Attractions in Italy: Venice’s museums

Attractions in run the gamut from beaches to gourmet restaurants to designer shops. Depending on the part of the boot an individual is visiting, they may be able to explore wine country or go skiing in the mountains. For travelers who have planned to visit Venice, however, one of the most interesting and enjoyable things to do is museum hop. There are a great number of museums in Venice, all of which provide a rich cultural and educational experience. As many individuals enjoy learning about the history and customs of the country or city that they are visiting, adding trips to various institutions to one’s travel itinerary may supplement an already fulfilling vacation.

The Museo della Musica is one of the most popular museums in Venice. Travelers who play in a band, for an orchestra or simply consider themselves to be music enthusiasts are sure to be amazed and awed by the strange collection of instruments that this institution boasts. Visitors to the different exhibits will be able to view musical tools dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries, many of which they have probably never seen or heard of. Travelers can also peruse a large library of compact discs and audio files that hold recordings and recreations of music from ancient times until the modern ages. In addition, individuals who have an interest in learning more about a specific instrument can sign up for a workshop through the Museo della Musica and take either a group or private lesson.

Another museum that travelers in Venice may want to check out is Museo Ebraico and Jewish Ghetto. Housed in an area that was designated as the Jewish quarter from the early 1500s to the late 1800s, the institution presents an all encompassing look at history and culture of the Jews of Venice from the time of their arrival in the city. The Museo Ebraico also offers tours of the Jewish Ghetto each day starting at 10:30 a.m. These are offered in many languages and take visitors to a variety of important community sites. Individuals who embark on one of these guided excursions will be able to tour the German, Italian and Spanish Synagogues, as well as the Campo di Ghetto Nuovo.

Other museums in Venice that may be of interest to travelers include the Mueso Storico Navle, Museo di Torcello and Fondaco dei Turchi.