Where to go in France: The charming city of Nice

When most people think about they imagine the quaint streets of Paris and the majestic Eiffel tower. However, this European nation has much more to offer its guests. Nice, France’s fifth-largest city, can also be a fantastic spot for a getaway. Whether travelers want to have some fun under the European sun or explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, Nice has something for everyone.

The charming city of Nice is situated on an area of the Mediterranean Sea called Baie des Anges, or Bay of Angels. As its name implies, this can be a heavenly spot for visitors who are interested in fishing, boating, sailing or swimming as it creates about three miles of beaches. Many of these spots are open to the public, such as Plage Publique de Beau Rivage. However, for a fee of about 10 to 18 euros per day, travelers can indulge in one of Nice’s private beaches. Some visitors feel that these areas are worth the price of admission, as they provide chairs, umbrellas and tables. They also have changing rooms and bathrooms, which are not readily available on some of the public beaches. However, regardless of where tourists decide to go, they can expect clear blue waters and lots of tiny pebbles. Due to this fact, many people like to wear water shoes when exploring Nice’s beaches.

After travelers enjoy their day in the sun, they can spend the rest of the afternoon wandering through the Archeology Museum of Nice-Cimiez. Inside the museum is a collection of ancient Roman items that were found during excavations of the area, such as coins, pottery and sculptures. However, many individuals who have had the chance to explore the museum say that the real attraction is outside. Here, people can follow a path around ancient ruins that are largely intact. As guests walk around what used to be public bathhouses, paved streets and an amphitheater they will leave with a good sense of what life was like for the ancient Romans.

For those travelers who can’t get enough of Nice’s rich history, there are plenty of other museums in the city. For example, Musee Matisse is a small museum surrounded by an olive garden that houses a collection of paintings from Henri Matisse. The artist donated his painting to the museum in the late 1950s and it has been open to the public ever since.