Attractions in Spain: Travel like Don Quixote

Tourists who have had the chance to visit Europe know that there are plenty of that can suit the taste of any world traveler. This nation is home to towering cathedrals, rich vineyards and, of course, Don Quixote. This zany fictional character was created by the author Miguel de Cervantes in the 1600s, but his legacy lives on in Europe and around the world. Many scholars even say that Don Quixote is one of the best novels of all time.

For travelers who never got around to reading this medieval classic, the book tells the tale of a man from La Mancha, Spain, who calls himself Don Quixote. Falsely believing that he is a famous knight, Don Quixote travels across the nation with his trusty pal Sancho Panza, looking for ways to prove his valor and bravery.

Fans of Don Quixote and literature lovers will have an amazing time in Spain, as visitors to the country can travel along the same route as the character, finding their own adventures along the way. The historic trail begins in the city of Toledo, capital of Castilla-La Mancha, and ends in Atienza. While the entire path is over 600-miles long, it is clearly marked with maps along the way. However, as many visitors are not up for all that walking, some go to only a few highlights on the trail. Traveling along the same route as the fictional knight and his squire, tourists will find that many of the sites mentioned in the book have been left untouched.

For example, one of the breathtaking sites travelers will see along the path is the windmills that surround Monta del Cuervo. The claim to fame of these old structures is that they were attacked by Don Quixote in the book. Mistaking them for vicious monsters, the overly zealous Don Quixote and his faithful squire attacked the buildings, only to be knocked down by their blades. Of course, visitors are not advised to charge at the windmills, but admiring them from afar can be a unique way to appreciate the literature of one of Spain’s most celebrated authors. Not far from Monta del Cuervo is El Toboso, the home of Don Quixote’s beloved maid Dulcinea. Currently, this area houses the Museo Cervantino, or the Cervantes Museum. Here, people can view various editions of the famous book in over 40 different languages, including the original version created by Cervantes.