Where to go in Thailand: Phuket Beach

Those who are planning a trip to Southeast Asia and are trying to decide where to go in Thailand should consider visiting Phuket Beach. The gorgeous natural landscape provides the ultimate setting for a relaxing and peaceful getaway.

The quiet atmosphere of this popular vacation destination is ideal for those trying to release themselves of everyday stresses. Hat Patong Beach is a tourist hot spot, with powdery white sand that stretches for nearly two miles and is peppered with various attractions along the way. There is plenty to do in this area, and visitors can participate in water sports like jet-skiing, diving and more.

Another great beach locale to check out is Hat Karon, which has a more isolated environment due to the lack of development on the land. The emptiness is not desolate, however, rather it evokes a Utopian sense. Visitors can spend their holiday laying in the sun or discovering what lives beneath the water with a reef excursion, which is sure to color one’s memories with the vibrant hues of Thailand’s marine life.