Taiwain weather is best experienced in Autumn

As a marine tropical climate, the best season for Taiwan weather is undeniably the autumn. The former Portuguese holding and current territory of the Republic of China is located in the subtropical climate zone and thus offers year-round warm weather (an average of 22 degrees Celsius/ 71 degrees Farenheit) that is largely defined by its Monsoon season.

During the autumn (September to October), the normally steamy temperatures have settled (averaging 17 degrees Celsius/ 62 degrees Farenheit) and rainfall is comparably limited. This stands in stark contrast to the Island’s summertime woes, where high temperatures and humidity give way to massive rainfall and tropical cyclones.

Yet while summer is steamy and rainy, it doesn’t compare to the monsoon season that befalls the northern portion of the island from January through late March. These weather patterns do affect the central and southern portions of the island as well, but for shorter periods than the north.

Travelers hoping for sunny beach days may want to limit their activities to the country’s west coast, as cloudy conditions in the east coast and mountainous center have made sunshine a rare event in these locations.