London weather should inspire visitors to bring an umbrella

Though the British capital is one of the most celebrated and beautiful cities in the world, London weather can be a bit of a drag for tourists hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors exploring the sights.

Located in the Southeastern coast of England, London boasts a temperate marine climate that sees cool winters, warm summers and a lot of precipitation, regardless of season. The city sees an average of only 1,468 hours of sunlight per year – a figure that translates into just over three months worth of sunshine per annum. Rain is lightest in the summer, yet even during July, the driest month, the city will still see i.5 inches of rain.

Yet while the rain may be a bit of a bother, the city’s accommodating temperatures will be a welcome respite. Analysts believe that the best time to visit the capital city is in late September, when temperatures average in the mid 60s, rainfall is relatively steady and the amount of sunshine is a bit better than the coming winter months.